At this time we can only schedule appointments via android and IOS phones in order to keep all correspondence secure and encrypted. Our chosen app is ‘Signal – Private Messenger’.

Get ‘Signal – Private Messenger’ here (Android)
Get ‘Signal – Private Messenger’ here  (IOS)

Or visit whisper systems website for more information.
More information about secure messaging and the programs using it can be found here.

To arrange a test text us using ‘Signal – Private Messenger’ to the number below. All non-encrypted texts will be ignored and deleted. Please note our phone number will change monthly, so check back to make sure the number you use is current.


(206) 486-2310

206) 486-2310

(Not available)

For questions not related to scheduling a test, feel free to contact us via email.

We also have ProtonMail, so for those who use it feel free to contact us via email.

Why the need for security and encryption? Most of the drugs we test are illegal. We strive for privacy in order to protect those in need of testing services from legal ramifications. For this reason, we will delete all messages that are sent not using Signal.